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How to Disinfect Your Whole Home With Tea Tree Oil

Are you tired of your home smelling like chemicals when you clean? You shouldn’t have to leave the room in the middle of scrubbing down the counter because the smell of bleach is singeing your nose hairs. A better way to deal with this is concocting your own cleaning products with the use of natural ingredients and essential oils, including tea tree oil.

Commonly used in beauty products and for health, tea tree oil is a versatile, safe and natural option to use for cleaning around the house. The ingredient is just as effective as commercial cleaners with questionable chemicals. Baking soda and vinegar are great, but you can tap into the antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil to get a really deep clean—just dilute the essential oil in a homemade recipe.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Add 10 drops of tea tree oil to two cups of hot water and a half cup of vinegar to make a multipurpose cleaner. Be careful of using vinegar on marble or granite, as it can eat away at the stone.

Air Purifier

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to an oil diffuser to purify the air naturally. For a scented boost, you can always add a few drops of another essential oil, such as lavender.

General Deodorizer

For a natural deodorizer that smells amazing and doesn’t leave a fog, combine white vinegar, vodka, water and your choice of essential oils, including tea tree oil.

Laundry Cleaning Booster

No need for recipes here—just add a teaspoon of tea tree oil to the wash. The tea tree oil helps prevent fungal and bacterial infections from extra soiled clothes. You can also layer in another essential oil to add a flowery or citrus smell.

Mold and Mildew Fighter

Combine a teaspoon of tea tree oil with one cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to keep combined, and spot treat existing areas of mold. Leave for a few minutes and wipe away. To prevent mold and mildew, simply spray to apply where needed.

Toothbrush De-Gunker

Soak your gunky toothbrush in a combination of tea tree oil and a cup of water. Ten drops of tea tree oil should be sufficient. Leave the toothbrush to soak for at least 15 minutes.

Bathroom Scrub

Make your own bathroom scrub by adding 10 to 15 drops of tea tree oil to a combination of water, vinegar, baking soda and castile soap. The baking soda lifts stains, and the tea tree oil boosts the cleaning powers of vinegar to fight bacteria and mold.

Disinfectant Spray

Make a quick disinfectant spray for your exercise equipment and yoga mat by combining tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, witch hazel and water. Use as you would any spray, without worrying about absorbing unnatural chemicals into your skin!

Bug Spray

Avoid the questionable ingredient DEET and make your own bug spray. Tea tree oil works well against ticks, chiggers and deer flies, and when in combination with other oils wards off mosquitos, black flies and other pests. Combine 15 drops of tea tree oil and peppermint oil with water and witch hazel, for example. Some sprays, depending on the other essential oil, may be used on children and pets, too.

Easy Peasy Soap

All you need is two cups of glycerin soap base and two tablespoons of tea tree oil to make a simple soap, useful around the home and safe on skin. The glycerin base is melted in a double boiler, blended with the oil and pressed into a mold.

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